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How Do I Convert or Compress the Video I Shot? (PC Users; Windows Live Movie Maker)

Sometimes you might have some problems uploading the video you shot to QualBoard. The most common reasons for this are either an incorrect file type or file size. If the file doesn't appear where you know it to be when clicking the "Select File" button, then it is a file type that QualBoard cannot accept. If the upload is taking too long or you get an http error, it's most likely too large (the limit is 200 megabytes).

These instructions will show you how to use a program that is very likely already in your computer. If you have Windows Vista or higher, you will either have Windows Live Movie Maker on your computer or a link to download it for free from Windows Live Essentials. If your original video file type is .3gp, then you won't be able to import it into this program for conversion. You should then try to download and use a different converting program, such as YTD.

Search for "Live" in Your Start Menu

Click the Windows/Start button on the bottom right of your screen. (1) Type the word "Live" in the search field. (2) If you already have the program installed, you'll see it listed in the results. (3) If not, you should at least see "Get Windows Live." If neither appears, then you won't be able to use this program to convert your video and you should contact support.

Open Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is a very simple video editing program. Much like iMovie, you import videos or pictures and edit them, add effects, then export your video into one of many different formats. To begin, click the white space in the middle to add your video.

Select Your File

Once you've clicked that area of the screen, a window will appear that will let you browse your computer for the video you'd like to use. Once you find it, select it, and it will be added to your project.

Exporting Your Video

Once your video is on your timeline (it will appear in the white area you clicked to add the video), you can then select the way you'd like to convert it. Click on the "Save Movie" drop down menu on the top of the program and a list of options will appear. Each one of these represents a different option in descending quality. If you click on "For Email," your file will be saved in the lowest quality, which will also mean that it's the smallest file in the final output. This will take the shortest amount of time to upload to the board, so select this one.

Choose where you'd like to save the Video

After selecting "For Email," you'll be asked where you want to save the video. Choose a location and a file name that you'll be able to recognize.

Wait for it to Finish Saving

Once you choose a location and name and save the file, you'll see a progress bar appear representing the saving of the file. When it is done, you'll then be able to upload this new version of the video to QualBoard without any trouble.

If you continue to have problems or questions, please email support@qualboard.com as the comments on these articles are not published or monitored.

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