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How Do I Convert or Compress the Video I Shot? (Mac Users; iMovie)

Often you may find that the video file you are trying to upload is too large to upload in a timely manner or too large to upload at all. These instructions should help you "compress" it into a much smaller file that will more easily be shareable over the internet.

Open iMovie

If the "Welcome to iMovie" window appears, click the "Close" button.

From the file drop-down list, select "New Project"

In the Project Name text box, type a name for your project.
From the Aspect Ratio drop-down list, select the ratio for the display of the video.
Click the " Create" button.

Navigate to the movie import window

From the File drop-down list, select "Import."
Select " Movies"
If the HD Import Setting window appears, click " OK."

Select the video you want to compress.

Click the " Import" button.

Under "New Event," click the imported video.

From the Edit drop-down list, select "Select Entire Clip."

Click and drag the clip to the "Drag media here" space to create a new project pane.

From the Share drop-down list, select "Export using QuickTime."

In the "Save As" text box, type a name for the compressed file.

From the Where drop-down list, select the destination.
From the Use drop-down list, select "Streaming - Medium."

Note: If the file is still too large after exporting, from the Use drop-down list, select " Streaming - Low."

Click the "Save" button.

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