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How Do I Lower the Video Recording Quality On My Android?

Many phones these days have extremely high quality cameras -- so high that the video files created by the camcorder apps are too large to be used for online purposes. Instead of having to compress your final video before uploading it, you can just record it in a lower quality setting.

The screenshots taken below are from an HTC Sensation Android phone, so they may look a bit different from your own Android phone; however, the general instructions should remain the same.

When your camcorder app opens, tap the "Quality" button

Choose the Lowest or Second to Lowest option

The lower the setting, the smaller each file will be. If you plan on only recording for a minute or less, you have some leeway. For a longer video, it would be best to have it on the lowest option (MMS) on the list.

Begin Recording in your new setting

You should already be able to see the results of your selection. The pixels will be larger, and the image will appear a bit fuzzier. This means that your final file will be easy to share and upload.

Settings for Galaxy S3

On the Galaxy S3, you will tap the Gear Icon at the top, then the Recording option, then select "Limit for MMS."

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