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How do I upload an image or video? (Text Response)

Step 1: Click on Insert Image

To insert an image into your post, click on the insert image icon on the second row of your tool bar.

Step 2: Search Your Computer for the File

A lightbox will appear when you click on the insert image icon. Click on "Select File" to search your computer for the image you wish to upload.

Step 3: Make the Image Smaller

If you click on the image, a square will appear on the side of the image.
1. Click on the square in the upper right hand corner
2. Drag your mouse down to the center of the image to make it smaller.
3. Click "Submit Reply"

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Uploading a Document

On the bottom, you'll see a Choose Files button. You'll only click this if you need to submit a zip, pdf, word, excel, or other type of document file. You will not be able to choose and submit images or videos with this button.

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