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I Can't Hear Myself in the Preview

When you click "record" for the webcam response video, you may not be able to hear yourself in the preview window. Below are the instructions to ensure that your computer is "listening" through the correct microphone.

Right Click (Control+Click for Mac) in the Preview Window

In the webcam box, control+click or right click. When you right click or control+click, you'll see a list of options. Click on "Settings."

Adobe Flash Player Settings

Settings opens the Adobe Flash Player Settings. You should be seeing the privacy screen that you clicked to allow QualBoard to access your camera and microphone. To select your microphone, click on the microphone icon.

Selecting Your Audio Input

First, click on the drop down to see which microphones you have listed. Typically, a webcam will also have a microphone built into it. This will likely be listed as the name of the product, whether it be Microsoft iSight, Logitech QuickCam, or something like that. This is a list of all of the webcams that have ever been installed in your computer. If the wrong one is selected, the recording won't work.

Testing the Microphone

If you have selected the correct microphone, you will see a green bar moving up and down, reflecting the audio levels it is picking up. Once you see it moving, then you know that you have selected the correct microphone. You can then click "Close" and begin your recording.

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