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Webcam Response Best Practices

Helpful hints for a great video!

Location, location, location!

Record your video in a well lit room. Make sure that your face is visible but not washed out (too much light pointed directly at your face). Also make sure there isn't a lot of back room noise (television, radio, children, dogs).

Watch your video before submitting it

After you stop recording your video, you will see the above three options. Click the second button, labelled "Click here to review your video" to watch what you just recorded. Below is a checklist of things to look for in your video.

Can you hear me now?

You should be able to hear yourself.

If your volume was turned all the way down on your computer, it is likely that the microphone will be turned down too.

What's happening in the background?

Aim for minimal background noise.

No barking dogs or excited/crying children. Remember, we're excited about what you have to say! We want to be able to hear it.

Other noise makers:
  • television 
  • radio 
  • crazy radiators 
  • construction 
  • traffic


You should be able to clearly see yourself. Your face should be well lit (not so bright that it looks like you don't have a nose, and not too dark so you're in shadow). Record from a nice, bright room where we can clearly see your features.

Tips for lighting:
  • Bright overheard light 
  • The light source is not behind you (beware of sunny windows!)

Timing matters!

Record for at least 10 seconds -- any shorter than that, and a thumbnail will not be created for the video. It will still be playable, but it will show up on the discussion as "Image not Available."

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