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Recording a Video Using Your Webcam

Webcam Question

Your moderator may ask you to use your webcam to record your answers to a question. You will know the moderator would like you to record your answer, because a blue badge will appear on the question next to the reply button to let you know the question is a Webcam Question.

To reply to a webcam question you can click on the Webcam Question badge or the "You have not replied. Click here." button.

Start Recording

Click "Record" to begin recording your video .

Flash Player Settings

Each time you use your webcam in QualBoard, this message will pop up to make sure that you would like to stream your webcam. If you do not want to click "Allow" each time you are recording your answer, you can check the "Remember" box below "Allow."

Recording your Video

1) QualBoard will tell you that you are recording in the upper left hand corner.
2) Make sure that the volume bar is reading when you are speaking. You should see this bar light up when you are talking.     
3) Keep track of your time at the bottom. This lets you know how long you've been recording.
4) When you're finished, click the stop button.

Submit the video

You can now view your video to make sure that you like it (and that the sound recorded). Once you have done so, you can click the top box to submit your video.

That's all there is to it!

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