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Determining What Version of Android You Have

The QualBoard Mobile app can only be installed on phones with an Android operating system of 2.3 or greater. This lesson shows you how to determine what version of Android you have and if your phone is available for an upgrade.

Access the Settings on Your Phone

To access settings on most Android phones, click on the menu button or settings button.

About Phone

Click on "About phone."

Finding Andriod Version

Once you click "About phone," your phone may have the Android information listed, or it may have the above options. If it does have the above options, you're looking for something that says "Software Information" or something similar.

Android Version

The QualBoard Mobile App requires Android 2.3 or greater. If you have Android 2.2, you can check to see if an update is available for your phone.

Do I Have an Update?

From the settings menu, click on "System Updates," and search to see if you have any updates available. Android releases updates by phone type, so the updates may not be available for your phone. On many phones when you click "System Updates," it will automatically search to see if updates are available. You may need select software updates and then search to see if updates are available.

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