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Step-By-Step Guide for Using QualLaborate

These instructions will show you how to navigate through a markup activity. Make sure you address everything on your screen before you proceed, because you will not be able to move backwards or return to this activity once you have saved and completed it.

The Welcome Screen

The first thing on the QualLaborate page is a welcome message from the moderator with the rest of the page grayed out behind it. After reading this message, click "Okay" to continue. If the moderator wants to see your first impression you will then see the First Impression Instructions.

First Impression Instructions

If the moderator wants to get your first impression of the image, the next message will be instructions for the first impression. Click "Okay" once you've read them.

Selecting Your First Impression

(1) The image that the moderator will like you to review will be in the middle of the screen. It may be an idea for a commercial, a text blurb, or a possible print ad.
(2) If the moderator has more detailed instructions as to how to make your first impression selection, they will be listed at the top.
(3) After reading the moderator instructions, click on the icon that reflects your first impression.
(4) Once you've selected your emotional response, the moderator may ask an open-ended question following it. Read through the question and click in the white box to type your answer.
(5) When you have completed your first impression, click on the "Save First Impression" button to proceed to the markup portion of the image.

4. Markup Instructions

Next, you will see the instructions for your markup, which describes which tools to use and what they mean. The top of this message also addresses how many slides you haveto work on. Some, all, or none of them may require your first impression (Step 3). After you have clicked the "Begin" button, you can return to these instructions by clicking on the "More" button, which will be identified in the next step.

5. The Markup and Highlight tools

  • As before, the middle of your screen shows the image that you will be marking up. 
  • The instructions on the top left are the same instructions that you just read. If the text is too long and you need to read the rest of it, click the "More" button. 
  • The icons on the left are either "Markup" tools or "Highlight" tools. 
  • The markup tools are used to identify a spot on the image. To use one, click the icon you'd like to use, and then click the location on the image where you would like it to be placed. A window will appear where you can enter additional comments.  
  • The Highlight tools work much like the Markup tools; however, instead of clicking a single point on the image, you will draw a box around the portion of the image you'd like to highlight using your mouse (after selecting the highlight tool you wish to use). As with the Markup tools, a window will appear where you can save your comments. This window will be described in the next step.

6. Adding Comments to Your Marks

(1) To use the highlight tool, draw a box around the item, text, or area that you want to identify.
(2) Once the box has been drawn, this window will appear. In this white area, you can type in additional comments. You won't be able to click save while leaving this blank if the comments are required by the moderator (you will get a warning telling you so).
(3) If you've selected the wrong color or markup tool, you can change it by clicking the other colors or tools from the list here. When you click "Save," it will update the color for you.
(4) If you've changed your mind or selected the wrong thing, click the "Cancel" button to make the window and markup go away.
(5) When you have completed this markup, click the "Save" button.
Completed markups will look like little colored pins, while completed highlights will look like translucent colored boxes.

7. Completed Markups

  • On the right hand side of the page, you will see a "time line" of the marks you've made on this particular canvas in reverse chronological order. 
  • The eyeball symbol refers to your first impression and cannot be changed at this point. The color behind the symbol is the color or tool you chose, while the text is the comment you provided. 
  • All of the markups above this are marks and highlights that you have made. You can edit any one of these by clicking on the box, and it will reopen that mark's comment box. You can then change the text or color and save it again.

8. Deleting a Markup or Highlight

On the bottom right of the page, you will see a button labeled "Select Point." Clicking this will change your cursor to crosshairs. If you move your cursor over one of your completed points, you will see a small "X" appear to the left of the mark. Clicking the X deletes the mark. If you've marked something by mistake, please delete out the erroneous mark before saving the activity.

9. Saving Your Markups and Moving on

At the top of the page, you will see a green button labeled "Save & Go to Next Concept." When you are satisfied with the marks and highlights that you have made on this canvas/image, you can click this to move onto the next image. Make sure you are completely finished marking up the image before clicking "Save & Go to Next Concept" (or "Save & Finish Markup" if you are on the last image), because you will not be able to come back once you've clicked it.

If you continue to have problems or questions, please email support@qualboard.com as the comments on these articles are not published or monitored.

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