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Selecting Your First Impression

Some, none, or all of the canvases in your activity may ask for your first impression.

First Impression Instructions

If the moderator wants to get your first impression of the image, you will see the instructions for it after the welcome message. Click "Okay" once you've read them.

(1) The image for you to markup will be in the middle of the screen. It may be an idea for a commercial, a blurb of text, or a print ad.
(2) If the moderator has more detailed instructions about making your first impression selection, they will be listed at the top.
(3) After reading the moderator instructions, click on the icon that reflects your first impression.
(4) Once you've selected your emotional response, the moderator may have an open-ended question following it. Read through the question and click in the white box to type in your answer.
(5) When you are finished, click the "Save First Impression" button to proceed to the markup portion of the image.

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