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Adding Comments to Your Marks and Highlights

Sometimes, the moderator will make comments mandatory. Even if they are not required, it's best to add comments whenever possible to help the moderator understand why you marked the image the way you did.

(1) To use the highlight tool, draw a box around the item, text, or area that you want to identify. For a marking tool, click on the spot of the image you'd like to mark.
(2) Once the box has been drawn or the mark has been made, this window will appear. Type additional comments into the white space. If the moderator requires a comment, you won't be able to save before adding a comment in.
(3) If you've selected the wrong color or markup tool, you can change it by clicking the other color/tool from the list here. When you click "Save," it will update the color or tool for you.
(4) If you've changed your mind or selected the wrong thing, click the "Cancel" button to make the window and markup go away.
(5) When you have finished making the mark and commenting, click the "Save" button. Then you can make another mark or save and continue.
(6) Completed markups will look like little colored pins, while completed highlights will look like translucent colored boxes.

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