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How Do I Enable Cookies in Google Chrome?

If you find that you are getting logged out of QualBoard after you've logged back in (as in, it just goes back to the log-in screen after your password has been accepted), you may need to enable cookies. This lesson shows how to enable cookies in Google Chrome.

Open the Settings Menu

To open the Settings menu, first click the three stacked lines (also called a "hamburger menu") in the upper right corner.

Next, click "Settings."

Open the "Content Settings"

To open the advanced privacy settings menu, click "Content Settings..." under "Privacy."  

Allow Local Data

On the Content Settings, click the dot next to "Allow local data to be set"

Make sure there is NOT a check next to "Block third-party cookies and site data."

When you are finished, click "Done."

That's it! You are ready to participate in your discussion!

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