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How do I find the Moderator's Followups?

When a moderator responds directly to one of your posts, you may receive an email alerting you that a followup has been posted. Follow these steps to find the followup and respond to it.

Login to QualBoard

You'll need to log into QualBoard to respond to the moderator's followup. If you received an email notification regarding the followup, the email will have a link at the bottom of it that you can click to get to the login page. Clicking this link will not take you directly to the followup; it will just take you to the login page.

Login to QualBoard

Enter your Project

You might see an "Unread Message" on the left of your screen; this is just a copy of the email that you received.

Project Alerts

On the left of the page, you will see your project alerts. This will let you know how many unanswered questions and unread followups you have. Click on "Unread Followups: #" to be taken to the first one. Make sure to give your browser time to fully load the page before continuing.

Find Your Followup

Once the page has loaded, it should automatically scroll to the followup, placing it at the top of your browser's screen. Click "Reply" to respond, and you're done.

If you continue to have problems or questions, please email support@qualboard.com as the comments on these articles are not published or monitored.

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