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How Do I Post a Hyperlink?

This set of instructions will show you how to embed a hyperlink into your post. This is useful if you want to share a YouTube video or a link to any other website with the group or moderator.

1. Enter your post as you would like it to appear

2. Highlight the portion of the text that you would to turn into a hyperlink.

3. Click the Insert/edit link button

4. Enter the URL where you would like your text to link

A window will appear. In the field next to "Link URL," you can either type or paste in the URL you would like to use. Next to "Target," select "Open in New Window." When you are done, click the "Insert" button.

5. Submit your response

You will see that your text has now become a link. Now that your post is ready, click "Submit" and you can move on to the next question.

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